Push-Up FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions!)

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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the Push-Up.


What muscle groups does the push-up workout?

The push-up exercise provides a workout for the arms, shoulders, chest, back and abs. Depending on which variation of the push-up technique, each muscle group is is activated differently. There are also alternatives to the push-up which also work the same muscle groups.

What is the most push-ups anyone has done?

The most pushups someone has done depends of the time period of measurement. Many tests of push-up ability is a one or two minnute test, though there are many records of the maximum number of push-ups over one hour or one day. See Push-Up Records.

How can I improve?

One way to improve the number of push-ups you can do is to do more push-ups! See our list of push-up alternatives for other exercises you can do which will help you improve your push-ups.



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