Push-Up Equipment

There are some equipment that can help with doing the push-up exercise and the push-up fitness test.

Push-Up Training Aids

Perfect Pushup - uses a rotating handle to allow your arms to rotate naturally the same way they do when you throw a punch or press-up a dumbbell. This engages more muscles and helps reduce joint strain and helping you achieve better results from your pushup workouts.

Power Press Push Up - comprises a heavy duty plastic base with moveable cushioned, non-slip handgrips. There are many different push-up variations to choose from by placing the handles in different color-coded positions and at different angles, so you can target specific muscles to work.

Push-Up Equipment

Push-Up Fitness Testing Aids

US Games Push-Up Challenger - an elevated block that is placed under the user's chin so that the chest touches it and the arms are at about right angles when in the down position.

AssessPro Rep-Addition Push-Up Tester - a centre console counts when the user's chest touches it, sending out audible feedback and updating the digital display with every rep.

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