AssessPro Rep-Addition Push-Up Tester

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The AssessPro Rep-Addition Push-Up Tester is produced by Gopher Sport. This device is a great tool to use during routine fitness testing, as it is designed to assist students performing the push-up test.

AssessPro Rep-Addition Push-Up Tester

Students no longer need a partner to count their reps for them as the centre console ensures accurate push-up testing by counting the number of completed push-ups (it doesn't count inaccurate reps).

The console counts when the user's chest touches it, sending out audible feedback and updating the digital display with every rep. The console's height can be adjusted from 3-3/4" to 4-3/4"H for a proper fit to different sized students. In addition, the textured hand pads make it easy for users to grip the floor during testing.

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