Assisted Push-Up

The Assisted Push-Up is one of the many variations of the standard push-up procedure. In this exercise,an assistant helps the person perform the push-up so that more push-ups at a lower intensity can be performed.

assisted push-up

Exercise Description

Equipment Required


Starting Position

The starting position is with your arms straight, elbows locked, body straight, hands placed slightly wider than shoulder-width apart with fingers pointing forward and both feet on the floor. Keep your neck in a neutral position. An assistant stands with their feet either side of the upper thighs, grasping at the hips.


The participant performs a standard push-up, bending the arms and lowering the body towards the floor, until your elbows are at right angles. At this point the assistant helps to pull the body back up to the starting position, until the arms are straight again.

The Workout

Repeat this action as many times as required. See Push-Up Workouts for example training programs.


You can adjust the intensity of this exercise by varying the amount of help provided by the assistant.




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