One-Arm Push-Up

The push-up using just one arm is one of the many variations of the classic push-up procedure. In this technique, only one arm is used to push up and down, the other is held behind the back. This technique is sometimes called the one handed push-up.

one-arm push up

Exercise Description

Equipment Required


Starting Position

Get ready in the standard starting position with the weight on both arms. Move the hand which will be taking the weight so it is centered under the chest. The other arm should be placed behind the back. Spread the feet to apart. Keep your body in a straight position.


Lower the chest down towards the floor until your elbow is at right angles, then push up until the arm is fully extended.

The Workout

Repeat this action as many times as required. See Push-Up Workouts for example training programs.


Make sure that the exercise is repeated using the other arm.




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