Handstand Push-Up

The Weighted Push-Up is one of the many variations of the standard push-up procedure. In this exercise, the push-up is performed while in a handstand position. This advanced push-up exercise is particularly hard as all of the body weight has to be supported by the hands.

handstand push-up

Exercise Description

Equipment Required

Wall to lean the feet against.

Starting Position

Stand about arm's length away from a wall. Place the hands on the ground, slightly wider than shoulder-width apart with fingers pointing forward. Flick the feet up into a handstand position (or get an assistant to help raise the legs).


From the straight arm position with the elbows locked, lower the body so that the head just touches the floor, then without stopping push back up so the arms are straight again.

The Workout

Repeat this action as many times as required. As this is a difficult exercise, you may only be able to perform less push-ups than usual. See Push-Up Workouts for example training programs.


  1. No Wall: If you have the handstand skill, you can also perform this exercise without resting the feet against the wall.
  2. Hands On Blocks: by placing your hands on blocks so they are elevated above the floor, you can further lower the body and get more bending of the arms.




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