Knee Push-Up

The push-up from the knees is one of many variations of the classic push-up procedure. This technique is often called the modified push-up, woman's push-up, or the "bent knee" push-up.


Equipment Required

You may wish to use a floor mat if the ground surface is hard on the knees. To standardize how far you lower the chest towards the ground, you can use a foam block or other object to set the lowest level.

Starting Position

Get into the starting position by kneeling on the floor, lean forwards onto your hands, placed on either side of the chest, and keep your back straight. The feet should be in the air.


Lower the chest down towards the floor, always to the same level each time, either till your elbows are at right angles or your chest touches the ground. Repeat this action as many times as required.


Other than changing the pivot point from the knees to the toes (like the standard push-up), you can also make this exercise harder by changing the position of the hands (either further apart or closer together).




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